Our Clients Love Realty Zero

“John Jankowski was friendly, very knowledgable and went above and beyond providing important information I requested from him.”

“John and the team at Realty Zero are so knowledgeable about the market, the neighborhoods, what is a reasonable price, etc. But perhaps more than that, I can tell that they really care about what will work best for me personally. I've never felt like just another sale at Realty Zero.”

“My wife and I recently began investing in real estate, and John and his team have been wonderful to work with. I have appreciated his insight into the properties that we have looked at. The fact that he is an investor himself and approaches transactions with that background and mindset is invaluable. Highly recommend!”

“My girlfriend and I are new to the renting scene, but, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience than renting from Realty Zero Inc. Not only are the properties meticulously kept up with on maintenance and care, but there is amazing communication between us and the Realty Zero team if any problems or concerns arise. John is a very easy realtor to work with and understands the renter’s perspective. He worked with us phenomenally on our apartment search. John is very quick at responding to questions and concerns and does the most to ensure satisfaction! It has been a great experience renting from John and Realty Zero Inc!”

“Finding an apartment in Bloomsburg that is not student housing AND that allowed pets was pretty difficult. John was a great help though and had those options available. He is a very personable realtor and easy to work with. I recommend anyone that is searching for an apartment to go through John/ the Reality Zero team!”

“The realty zero team was amazing. They helped us find the right property and determine that it would be a great investment. They helped us all along the way from finding to closing. I can’t say enough good about them.”

“John King is my go to recommendation for realtors in the area”

“John has been a great Realtor / Landlord to work with. He always resolved any issues we had at the apartment promptly, so we have been happy living here with our two cats. He is one of the best landlords I have had, and I would highly recommend checking his properties if you are looking for a room in the area.”

“I just moved into my new home and had the pleasure of working with John King from Bloomsburg Realtors and he made everything so easy and convenient! 10/10 will definitely recommend!”

“Awesome experience working with John king for the first time ever I felt like what I wanted mattered from a realtor and I love the place! Super excited for the future 😊”